I yelled your name in the night, but you did not answer.
I yelled it under the sunlight, but the echo came back.
Therefore I leave.
I shall sail throughout the seas screaming it to the corners of the world,
Shall peer at you in the sky dotted by taciturn stars
And shall get lost in the green mazes of curiosity.
I shall fight skepticism and doom,
Shall revamp each opinion and underlying idea
And shall savour the tastes which I’ve never tried.
Without forgetting, I shan’t regret my memories anymore,
To be novel enough
For learning and teaching
And unaltered enough for you to know me.
I shall prepare the cosmos for your arrival
Warning it that you will never come.
And life will keep on looking at me with your face
Through all the eyes that will cross mine,
Until the end,
Or until you, at last, will look at me with the face of life.

Lorenzo Pace

from Lo spirito della scala


Primo tentativo di trasposizione in inglese di mie poesie. Come sempre sono benvenuti commenti e correzioni. Grazie a Barbara Tassone per la revisione 🙂